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Constant movement and flow

Everyday in most of our lives we come across or meet people. We may shake hands, hug, or greet people with a casual nod and still others we may for some unknown reason just intuitively steer clear of. I never put much thought into this, I understood on some level that some people made me feel better than others but I couldn't figure out why because I spent time thinking about it.

Now this is where it starts to get interesting. Imagine if you will that each greeting, each person you come across and interact with either in person or virtually is a transaction and just like when you make a transaction you receive a receipt. Each transaction effects you on some level you can feel joy, happiness, overwhelmed, anger etc. the list goes on.

But you see these receipts aren’t ordinary receipts they are cords and the currency your paying with is energy.

Everyday you are forming or strengthening cords and dealing with energy both taking it in and releasing it. This energy then effects your overall energy in that very moment. No, that doesn't make sense, that's not possible, I’m my own person, I’m in control of my own emotions… your skeptical I get it, I once was too. Lets look at this from another angle, you’ve had a meh day, you just want to go home and crawl into bed but you already made plans that you cant get out of so you show up. Your surrounded by people you know, there’s good conversation and everything is just flowing, slowly your mood starts changing and your not feeling so meh anymore. Energy. What about those days where professionally you are just killing it, you’re on top of your game, your getting shit done and you have plans to meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile you go to catch up with them and you hear about the things they are going through, a breakup, problems at home, in the office etc and slowly but surely your mood starts shifting and you’re not feeling as positive as you were before. Energy.

Energy is being exchanged all around us, it is constantly in a state of movement and flow but you do have the ability to impact where your energy is going. Let me state that again YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO IMPACT/CONTROL YOUR OWN ENERGY FLOW.

In the next few post we are going to examine and break down topics such as Cord Cutting, NVC (Nonviolent Communication) & Setting Boundaries.

Get Ready!

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