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The last 3 post that this is tied into came much easier to write, they flowed almost effortlessly this however was a lot more difficult to write. While I know that I could have pushed through the wall to write something it would not have been as authentic and honest. So I have spent the past few weeks sitting with this and allowing myself to explore these feelings.

What I realized was this if I was going to be open and honest to really speak about boundaries and their importance than I needed to walk the walk before I could type the talk, and address my own boundary issues.

This meant revisiting my non-negotiables for both myself and others, what are they and am I living and embodying them? For the ones that are not in alignment it began a separate conversation of do I still need these boundaries and if so what steps am I actively going to take in this moment to resolve them. For the boundaries relating to relationships I began to have a series of conversations both in person (if possible) and over the phone/text with various people in my life. For the ones that were comfortable with my newly reinstated boundaries that was great for others that were not as receptive than it means that in the future I need to be more vigilant and make sure I remove myself from situation that are not right for myself.

In the instance/case that there was a conversation that I did not want to have or it was not possible to have for whatever the reason may be than it defaulted to what boundaries have I set for myself and am I ok with ending this relationship and honoring my boundaries and highest self.

What are your non-negotiables for yourself and for your relationship with others?

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