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Cutting Cords

Let’s go back to idea/analogy that everyone we come across and interact each day (by phone, social media, or face to face) is an energy transaction and with each of those transactions we get a receipt. Now remember these aren’t ordinary receipts these are cords linking us to each individual we have come into contact with and each repeated transaction just strengthens the cord.

Now let’s say you interact with 20 people a day that’s 140 cords a week or 7,300 cords a year. So in ten years (factoring in 3 leap years) that’s 73,060 cords that have been formed and possibly strengthened. I’ll wait while you check the math and think about what your number may be.

So what can you do about that? Well here are a few quick tips to get started.

1. Shed the energy that does not serve you ( I ask the universe to gently return the energy which is not mine to take on). If you shower at night you can visualize the energy being washed away.

2. Call your energy back (I kindly ask the universe to gently return my energy and power back to me so that it can restore me). Imagine a white or golden light washing over you with warmth.

3. Cutting of minor (more superficially based) cords. These cords are just the random ones you pick up not the ones that come from long bonds and relationships (cutting those cords require more work). Ask the universe to gently release these cords (please release the cords that no longer serve me) and imagine a white light slicing through it.

Go give it a try for the next few nights and let me know how it goes in the comments.

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