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I am trying to wrap my mind around and unpack what fear really and truly is at its root. Is fear that crippling paranoia of not being able to accomplish something, that it will not be good enough? Or is fear related to failure which allows us to give up and lie to ourselves and not even try? Or maybe fear is just doing something completely outside of box and not being accepted for it. Maybe its all of those things, and maybe its none. How does fear show up for you and what does it mean?

Writing this post is scary, this goes far outside of my comfort zone and is forcing me to step up in ways that I haven’t before and it’s something that I do not know how others will react to. In this moment this is where my fear lives. Internally I have been fighting a war for awhile, I’ve always been drawn to and felt things I can’t explain.

But what you don't know is this, for over the past two years I’ve been going on my own journey one I’ve kept very separate from my real life and one that I do not discuss very often. Yes, I’ve talked openly and freely about getting my yoga certification and I’ll engage every so often in a conversation about crystals. A few people are even aware of the fact that I have been reading tarot and oracle cards for years (almost 20) but the healer side and energy work… that's been pretty much kept a secret.

I’m tired of keeping that secret and I’m tired of living in fear of what others may think about it. So here goes I Am a Healer, I Am a Light Worker, I Am a Creatrix and if your not ok with it, let yourself out.

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